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The Power of Storytelling

Average Duration:

2-3 hours

Workshop runs 10am-5pm; in-person; ideal group size 6-12

We also can deliver shorter seminar versions of elements of this material for larger groups, and as an interactive conference speech.

In an age of infinite data and competing evidence, storytelling has become the number one reason corporate clients get in touch with us.

It frustrates us when an intelligent colleague with something urgent to impart can seem dull, and a high-stakes pitch with plenty of supporting material can end up leaving an audience distracted, unsatisfied and disengaged. What does a skilled storyteller do instead – that we all do unconsciously when we are among our old friends?

  • Transform personal experience into universal meaning
  • Awaken your own and others’ visual imagination
  • Provoke emotional changes and shifts in point-of-view
  • Create appetites, keep promises, build sequences and suspense

All will shift your attention from their heads to their hearts – and change the story people tell about you.

Morning Session: Social storytelling instincts, small and large audiences, narrative patterns, definitions, subjectivity and vulnerability

Afternoon Session: your audience as hero, masterclass feedback and storytelling as a leadership tool

This session is useful for everyone but especially for:

  • Technical people who want to inspire confidence and trust in non-specialists
  • Sales teams who want to renew the fundamentals of their client relationships
  • Anyone asked to train, teach, or run instructional sessions of any kind
  • Senior teams motivating and managing processes of change, internal or external
  • Marketing teams positioning a brand
  • Anyone preparing for a job interview

We position this training day to your brief, and brand it to excite your people – please get in touch here.


“Very relevant to my role, loads of practical examples make the take-aways ready for application in daily life.”

Audit Partner

“Simply brilliant feedback, thank you… we’ve never had a Net Promoter Score so high.”

Training Programme Manager

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