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One-on-one Teams Presentation Coaching Sessions

Average Duration:

50 minute slots

Presenting remotely via Zoom or Teams began suddenly for most people in March 2020 and we all had to sink or swim.

This day of coaching offers six presenters a private, personal 50-minute one-on-one coaching session – looking at current practice and then discussing preparation, building helpful slides, the home setup, maximising the potential of the software, and getting over the ‘cognitive battery’ of the experience – to generate engaged and willing interaction from other participants. Each coaching client brings their own challenges but problems often involve…

  • Reading the room vs leading the Zoom
  • Implicit to explicit engagement
  • Getting around the emotional deficit
  • Hybrid options – the consequences of compromise
  • Interruption into interaction
  • Watching the clock

Each coachee end with tips to take away, and the next of these events in the client’s learning calendar is soon oversubscribed.

This session is useful for all, but especially for:

  • Junior presenters that want to discuss a remote presenting challenge in confidential circumstances
  • Senior people who prefer private learning away from their reports
  • Executives that want expert outside feedback on their dry-run for an important upcoming call
  • Sales associates who have to build global client relationships for high-value transactions

We respond to the varied needs of each individual, but we can also fold in the behavioural needs of specific brands – please get in touch here.


“Fun, interesting, and best of all everything I learned is practical.”

Engineering manager

“Your energy and humour was the perfect fit for this group and their engagement with your content and messages was clear. It was fantastic.”


Global hotel manager

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Often conversation is quicker than correspondence, so if you have a question that requires an immediate response, or would like to brainstorm a problem with one of us, feel free to call 020 7788 4080 – if we are not all occupied with other clients at that time we will pick up!


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