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Making an Impact on Teams and Zoom

Average Duration:

2-3 hours

Impactful communication on Teams and Zoom presents mysterious challenges; some face-to-face patterns translate, some need to be abandoned and some require counter-intuitive experimentation.

This programme walks those who dial in through the discoveries of the last four years, and how they interact with decades of experience about what audiences are hungry for. This two-hour interactive videoconference call covers the whole territory, including…

  • Optimising the agenda and the invite list
  • Producer-presenter roles and creating feedback energy
  • Expectations and the professional legacy of TV and talk radio
  • Experimenting with the camera/eye contact parallax

This course is helpful for everyone, but especially…

  • People whose success pre-2020 leaned into their in-the-room people skills
  • Leaders who have to create an encouraging and motivating atmosphere
  • Junior people attending senior calls who are anxious about getting the tone right
  • Anyone still unsure if, when and how to speak up on a 20+ person call

Every workshop responds to a specific ask – this session was originally created that way! Yours will be uniquely tailored too – get in touch here


“Each and everyone I have talked to after your session was highly amazed and only had positive feedback to share.”

Pharmaceuticals Digital Lead

“The event was a huge success, and everyone is talking about it.”

Medical Industry Event Organiser

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