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Presentation Training

Average Duration:

One day

One-on-one conversations are usually straightforward, but presenting to a group of professionals at work is not. Public speaking awakens fight-or-flight instincts in most people – our training sessions brings the secret insights of theatre professionals to your meeting rooms and conference spaces. How do you take control of your message, your body and the dynamic relationship with your audience in ways that are authentic, appropriate and rewarding?

We will:

  • Totally change your use of slides
  • Explore impactful and truthful physicality (What to do with your hands)
  • Get you excited instead of anxious about each new presenting opportunity

Morning Session: Current practice/feedback, Positive High status, eye contact, the potential and limits of PowerPoint, your brief and your structured response

Afternoon Session: Rehearsal, Beginnings, middles, ends, handling interruptions, challenges, and difficult questions, tag-team presenting, personal feedback and tips

This session is useful for absolutely everyone who presents at work, but especially for:

  • Juniors who want to raise their profile internally
  • Skilled people who want to get ahead of their more relaxed competitors
  • Pitch team members
  • Those whose new life on Teams means they are out of practice and experiencing post-pandemic stage fright
  • People who have been invited to part of an expert panel at a public event

We always respond in the room to the field and the specific needs of the client and the individuals we are working with – please get in touch here.

For more senior communicators we are offering Presentation coaching: 6 x 50-minute sessions as a one-on-one session with an expert. Weill look at one of your presentations and give you…

  • Quick wins to transform your impact
  • Experienced and expert feedback on your style
  • Encouragement and motivation and sometimes technical walk-throughs of how to change your material in order for it to have the impact you want it to have

Delivered remotely via Zoom (or the video conferencing platform of your choice) by one of our experienced trainers.


“A vital session giving value to participants. A must-see teacher and a must-meet person.”

Global audit partner

“Fun, interesting, and best of all everything I learned is practical.”

Engineering manager

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Often conversation is quicker than correspondence, so if you have a question that requires an immediate response, or would like to brainstorm a problem with one of us, feel free to call 020 7788 4080 – if we are not all occupied with other clients at that time we will pick up!


Our other courses and workshops

We can deliver this material in single hour-long sessions, or interactively over a number of days. We can coach your people one-on-one in senior programmes, work with larger groups in a web seminar setting, or we can dial into your web conference or away-day. And we like a challenge so if you have an idea for something and you think we might be right for it, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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