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Since 1997, Tom, Alex and Deborah have run the Spontaneity Shop, a consultancy that specializes in transforming your face-to-face communications. After working with our unique insights and coaching, our clients have a new and different way of handling networking, presenting, sales conversations and pitch meetings.

Deborah Frances-White

Deborah is hugely in-demand for her seminars on diversity and inclusion in companies such as Deloitte, Accenture, UBS and many more. Deborah is also a stand-up comedian, script-writer, and host of the hugely popular Guilty Feminist podcast.

Tom Salinsky

Tom designed the Cake Factor workshop and specialises in Pitch Coaching and presentations writing, as well as delivering Charisma Key and Creativity Key sessions. Among his clients are Aurora Communications, CMS Cameron McKenna, Betfair and Save the Children.

Alex MacLaren

A graduate of Bristol Old Vic drama school, Alex specialises in vocal coaching as well as being an expert charisma coach and inspiring presenter. Among his clients are Dixons, Cameron McKenna and The Housing Corporation.

In addition to Deborah, Tom and Alex, The Spontaneity Shop Communications Training also has access to a wide network of talented performers and facilitators.

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