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Our Expertise

Our trainers are charisma and creativity experts because they have a diverse and exciting skill base.

We also work as actors, comedy improvisers, improvisation teachers, stand up comedians and screenwriters who pitch in Hollywood. We rely on the skills ourselves whether we are delivering training or performing spontaneous comedy. We are inspired by training others and learn something new with every session we deliver.

Our training includes workshops in the following areas.

  • Storytelling for business: how to structure an engaging presentation, not a tedious narrated slideshow. How to engage people's imaginations and communicate with jargon.
  • Charismatic behaviour: how to strike the right note in situations of all kinds, inspire others and develop confidence. Often tailored for leaders, presenters, women, sales, negotiations and so on.
  • Creativity: how to harness your imagination, and build a creative team that will find innovative solutions to business problems.
  • Team-building: positive, rewarding strategies for working effectively in groups and making other people feel good.

Also remember that we like a challenge so if there's something you want which doesn't sound like it's covered here, get in touch and let's have a chat about it.

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