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We prefer to design each piece of work to our clients' needs, but the following may provide a useful starting point...

What kind of event?

Seminar / plenary / conference (usually 20+ attendees)
Trainers from The Spontaneity Shop are all confident performers and speakers and can offer a number of high-impact, interactive, shorter sessions, suitable for big audiences. These include...
  • The Secrets of Storytelling: how narrative structures can help you to present and communicate more effectively
  • Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway: how anxiety and fear of the future saps our talent and how to avoid this
  • How to be a Charismatic Woman in a Man's World: Deborah Frances-White's revolutionary take on gender and personal power
  • Creativity is all in the Mind: how to put yourself and those around you in a creative state
Workshop (usually 6-12 attendees)
Our workshops run from half day sessions (three hours) to two days and cover a range of topics.
  • The Charisma Key: the secrets of personal power anyone can learn
  • The Creativity Key: putting yourself in a creative state and inspiring others to come up with amazing ideas of their own, with specific examples relevant to your team
  • Teambuilding Day: learn the secrets of comedy improvisation - fun, instructive and bonding (and not as scary as it sounds)
  • Storytelling: discover the DNA of stories and learn how narrative techniques can improve communication of any kind, with members of the group telling personal stories
  • Presentations: charisma + storytelling = impactful pitches and presentations that really work
  • Negotiations: use your charisma as well as modern negotiation techniques to find win-win outcomes
Coaching programmes (one-on-one or small teams)
These are typically longer programmes of shorter sessions, say 6 x 2 hours. Topics include
  • Pitch doctoring: let us help you to prepare for a particular pitch
  • Management and leadership: the transition into management makes tough demands on your soft skills
  • Client relationships: how you are seen by the outside world
  • Train the trainer: passing on our training techniques to your team of trainers
Special events
For some clients we have run much bigger events.
  • The Year of Living Dangerously: a months-long programme tackling anxiety in all its forms.
  • Storytellers Club: a regular night where your people can tell their stories.

What topic?

Charismatic Behaviour
Charismatic people are simply people who behave in a charismatic way. We can show you what that looks like and help you to develop your own version. This material is available as a
  • Short seminar
  • Half-day workshop (max 20 people)
  • Full-day workshop with individual role-plays (max 12 people)
  • Coaching programme
A short Charisma session is also good preparation for some of our other material, especially our presentations and negotiations workshops. We can also tailor the basic Charisma programme to look specifically at
  • sales
  • networking
  • leadership
  • negotiations
  • presentations
Storytelling skills
Great communicators are master storytellers. We can show you the inner workings of stories and give you tools to express your own ideas as powerful and influential narratives. This material is available as a
  • Short seminar
  • Half-day workshop (max 20 people)
  • Full-day workshop with individual presentations (max 12 people)
Presentation skills
A easy and charismatic manner and a powerful narrative can create a sensational presentation. This material is available as a
  • Full-day workshop (max 8 people, each with material to present)
  • Two-day workshop (max 8 people, each with material to present)
  • Coaching programme
Innovation, problem-solving and creativity can give a company a tremendous edge. But your people's creativity must be nurtured and encouraged.
  • Short seminar
  • Half-day workshop (max 25 people, with sample problem to tackle)

We also have access to a pool of professional actors, all with improv and corporate experience, who can be used to stage role-plays, mock-up situations, feature in videos or bring your conference or other event to life.

We also like a challenge so if there's something you'd be interested in that isn't listed here, do get in touch.

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