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Charisma for Women

Deborah Frances-White's "How To Be A Charismatic Woman In A Man's World"

A seminar delivered by Deborah Frances-White, stand up comedian, screenwriter, trainer and founder of The Spontaneity Shop.

A highly innovative and entertaining presenter, Deborah will address the joys and difficulties of being a charismatic woman in a man's world, and will explore how women can be successful in business without emulating the communication style of Margaret Thatcher or Marilyn Monroe.

Charisma is not a mysterious quality that only a few lucky people are born with - it is simply behaviour. Charismatic people are doing something that people around them may not be consciously aware of, but which has a very powerful impact. This session will reveal what that is.

Deborah will also discuss how you can put yourself in charge of your body so you can display confident, effective behaviour, no matter how uncertain you might be feeling.

Based on her own experience coaching professional women, working with women's networks and also researching the neuroscience relating to male and female brains, Deborah has discovered how women have a natural "edge" when it comes to leadership and other business skills and more importantly, how they can take advantage of that edge through understanding status. She is currently writing a book called "Why Women Don't Rule the World and How They Could".

Deborah has delivered events designed specifically for women for to a variety of top city banks, law firms and consultants.

“Thank you so much for coming in and performing your magic. You delivered and more! The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.” Women's Network - Investment Bank

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