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How many days in a week?

Tom Salinsky writes...

In this fascinating forum thread, dug up from 2008 by the website DeathAndTaxes, two body builders attempt to tackle the conundrum of how many days there are in a week. No, seriously.

The aptly-named user M1ndless comments that working out every other day means being at the gym 4-5 times a week. Steviekm3 points out that if you exercise every other day, you are at the gym 3.5 days per week (on average), but that .5 doesn’t sit right with TheJosh who insists that working out every other day means working out four days a week.

The ensuing debate goes on for another four pages.

Now, I do recommend reading the whole thing, largely because it’s hilarious. But I would also like you to consider, from a communications expertise standpoint, how you would present the information in its clearest possible form, so that even the pig-headedly stubborn TheJosh can’t ignore it. You also have to bear in mind that both participants are now locked into defending their point-of-view. How do you sneak past this robust psychological defense and make it easier for the other person to say “You know what? You were right and I was wrong.” How do you get them to listen to you in the first place, and then reassess what they have been defending?

But let’s not start a debate here about the right way of doing all that…


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