“I wish I had had this earlier. I could have given better presentations from the beginning.”

- Accountant

“The whole event from start to finish was excellent. It promises to have been a life-changing experience.”

“Everyone took away something specific and personal to develop.”

- Technology company

“You are a master behaviour modeller, a super-perceptive observer and a kind and generous coach.”

- Consultant

“I thought it was by far the most useful training I have had at the firm.”

- Solicitor

“They loved it. By general consensus the best event we've ever run.”

- Partner, professional services firm

“It was one of the best training days I have participated in...”

- Department store

“I am regularly receiving commentary and praise about its relevance for our entire community.”

- IT firm

“It was a resounding success and hit all the right notes for the team.”

- Project manager

“We thoroughly enjoyed the session. You truly inspired us.”

- Broadcaster

“Your event was universally acclaimed as by far the most successful part of our annual training programme.”

- HR manager

“In 25 years of retailing, I have not been on a more insightful, enlightening, enjoyable training day.”

“It's weeks later and people are still taking to me about it. You had such an impact.”

- Technology company

“Thank you for your excellent presentation... humorous, relevant and pitched exactly right.”

- Charity

“I saw people go from very shy to quietly confident which is a real achievement in one day.”

- Law firm

“The best ideas in are those you think: I should've known that! That's what this course was like - turning your intuitive, subconsious knowledge into a well-defined instrument you can use.”

- Lawyer

“You pitched the sessions perfectly, thank you for that as this group can be very hard to please.”

- Media company

“Thank you for a truly fascinating and fun teambuilding day... feedback is 100% positive.”

- Car hire company

“Alex was incredible - super colorful, engaging, illustrative. Best trainer I've ever had!”

- Lawyer

“You opened our eyes to new ways of being creative in a fun and interactive way.”

- Major airline

Spontaneity Shop Communications Training

The Spontaneity Shop Communications Training helps people to improve their communication skills in many different circumstances - pitching, presenting, leading a team, working creatively, networking or meeting new clients.

We specialise in developing charisma, which we believe is not a mysterious quality which only a few people have. Charisma is behaviour and we know how to teach it.

We work for a wide variety of clients, big and small, public and private sector. We deliver seminars to large audiences, workshops for small groups or personal one-on-one coaching.

To find out more, read on, or come to one of our occasional free taster events, or pick up the phone and tell us about your training needs - 020 7788 4080.

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